Bang ThermIQ

by VPX
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VPX Bang ThermIQ® | Potent IQ & Body Redesign Catalyst

VPX BANG ThermIQ which is an ultra-fresh approach to KICKING FAT'S ASS FAST while preserving or gaining lean muscle! It incorporates some mind-blowing ingredients like PARAXOL and Phyto-Cannabinoids – yes the legal extracts contained in marijuana! I personally guarantee that BANG ThermIQ will stoke your mind and rock your body. In fact, BANG ThermIQ is the master blaster of fat disaster! Destroy any stubborn and unwanted fat that stands in your way with the ultimate shred product.

Highlights of VPX Bang ThermIQ®:

  • Advanced Fat Loss
  • Lean Muscle Growth
  • Highly Researched Ingredients
  • No Jittery Feeling
  • No Crash

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