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VMI Arimistane | Pure AI Modulator

Arimistane™ is a well known and marketed naturally occurring metabolite of 7-oxygenated DHEA. Our 60ct bottle is 25mg per capsule, for a recommended dose of 2 capsules / 50mg per serving- the 25mg per capsule allows for scalability based on your weight, needs & goal. In addition to blocking estrogen conversion, Arimistane™ also serves as a Cortisol Inhibitor, therefore minimizing unwanted catabolic effects. The result is an ideal environment for superior muscle augmentation!

Highlights of VMI Arimistane:

  • Aromatase & Corisol Inhibiting Compound
  • Naturally Occurring Metabolite of 7-Oxygenated DHEA
  • Superior Muscle Augmentation

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