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A-XR PCT is Hormonal Ignition in a bottle!...Looking to reset the batteries? Recharge the system?.. Post Cycle Therapy Andragen XR is a full spectrum formula with all the answers. A-XR PCT increases libido and re-ignites testosterone production, via the Luteinizing hormone. It is the complete hormonal package, set to take your T levels, to the next level. Get HARD as a ROCK!
Shilijat (PrimaVie™) and Tribulus Alatus are the Testicular workhorses… While 50mg Arimistane™ packs the anti-estrogen punch you need to balance your hormonal ratio.
Ready.. Set.. Reboot!

Highlights of VMI A-XR PCT:

  • Maximizes Libido
  • Shields Prostate
  • Increases Free Test
  • Promotes Anabolic Drive

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