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AndroGenerator contains a natural selection of highly standardized herbs that have been suggested to increase total and free levels of testosterone.*
AndroGenerator: Pro-Anabolic Male Enhancement Forumula*

Supports Lean Muscle Mass*
Promotes Strength*
May Help Support Positive Mood*

TESTOSTERONE - The KING of Hormones!

Testosterone is the king of all muscle-building hormones, and it is naturally occurring in the human body (especially men). Testosterone is the primary male hormone and is responsible for regulating male function and plays a role in the development of muscle tissue, bone density and strength, as we develop during puberty and into adulthood. Increased levels of testosterone are suggested to promote muscle mass, strength, and athletic performance, while even promoting overall sexual health and wellness.* Testosterone is essential to men of all ages.
AndroGenerator - NATURAL Testosterone Enhancement!*

AndroGenerator contains a natural selection of highly standardized herbs that have been suggested in studies to increase total and free levels of testosterone.* Testosterone is the most powerful natural anabolic hormone, and fortunately, it is actually manufactured by our very own bodies. Men produce the single strongest muscle-building hormone, and it is because of this hormone that men are MEN. Thus, if we can simply harness the tremendous power of our body's own natural testosterone production, we support our ability to produce muscle mass and strength!* By supporting the Hypothalamus to promote more LH (luteinizing hormone), AndroGenerator may help support endogenous testosterone production at the testicular level.*

That's not all! It should be noted, that even more important than total testosterone production, is the level of FREE TESTOSTRONE in the body! In most men, over 50% of their circulating testosterone is not in free form. This is a simple biological fact. The reason that this circulating testosterone is useless is because it is bound to a nasty protein called SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which renders testosterone biologically inactive. Furthermore, SHBG continues to increase over time, further decreasing the amount of free (active) testosterone that the body can utilize for anabolism (muscle-growth).* Therefore, it is imperative that we increase FREE levels (and not just total) of testosterone in the blood! AndroGenerator may support free testosterone because it contains an ingredient that is suggested to bind to SHBG and increase free testosterone in the body, initiating an androgenic effect that helps promote strength, muscle mass, muscle hardness and energy.*

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