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Species Nutrition Aqualyze

Species Nutrition Aqualyze 50 caps is a safe and effective diuretic agent made from a special blend of organic herb extracts for a leaner, tighter physique. This all-natural formula is scientifically engineered to remove all excess subcutaneous water, without compromising your kidneys and electrolyte levels.

Within 12-18 hours of consumption, Species Nutrition Aqualyze 50 caps eliminates water retention and results in reduced weight of around 8 to 15 pounds. The end result is a leaner, tighter physique that truly accentuates your body's full potential. This product is ideal for those who are preparing for big events such as a photoshoot, a competition, a party, or those who just want to get rid of that bloated, heavy feeling. Experience the wonderful slimming effects of Species Nutrition Aqualyze 50 caps, and see the svelte transformation unfold!

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