Shield 60 Capsules

by RedCon1
RedCon1 Shield | Protect Your Gains
Control estrogen levels and stay healthy with RedCon1 Shield. It's important to use a estrogen blocker while running a cycle or even if you're just coming off of a cycle, Shield is a major key to preventing any unwanted side effects while keeping hormone levels regulated. You no longer have to worry about the dreaded water retention as Shield helps protect your body from holding any excess water and decreases the chance of bloating by a substantial amount. A huge benefit from RedCon1 Shield is that it also helps prevent Gyno, this is crucial to anyone that is familiar with this issue and knows how annoying it can be. Protect your gains and lead a healthier life with RedCon1 Shield.

Highlights of Shield:

  • Eliminates Gyno
  • Controls Estrogen
  • Greatly reduces water retention
  • Use while ON & OFF cycle

Nutrition Info