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Purus Labs Theatrim

Most would agree the hardest part about dieting is dealing the cravings and lack of energy. If we could incite a clean, crash-free boost of energy while encouraging certain neurological processes that help you deal with stress, dieting, then we would have the perfect weight-management addition to a healthy, active lifestyle.
We are excited to be the world’s first company to introduce TeaCrine®, a nature-identical compound proven to enhance psychometric indices of energy, focus and endurance. We’ve combined a research-driven supporting cast of other materials designed to increase energy and overall sense of well-being, mobilize stored body fat, and reduce cravings. Uniquely, consumers are less likely to develop a tolerance as with other energy and weight loss products.
Purus Labs®’ TheaTrim™ uses ingenuity and innovation in its approach to weight loss and energy. Through identifying and addressing specific neurochemical pathways, TheaTrim™ is precisely aimed at aiding the multiple issues surrounding dieting and weight loss. As a unique aside, due to its specific formulation, consumers are less likely to develop a tolerance as well.

Features & Benefits of Purus Labs Theatrim Include:

  • Increase energy and endurance through physiological excitation
  • Blunt appetite via anorectic effects
  • Increase thermogenic rate, liberating fat cells to be burned as fuel
  • Improve overall sense of well being through dopaminergic pathways.

Nutrition Info

Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.