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Pro Supps MyShake

The base of all great training and diet plans is focused on nutrition that will support lean muscle while also reducing body fat. MyShake gives you 23g of premium protein stemming from 3 different protein sources. Starting off with whey protein concentrate that is one of the purest forms of whey protein. It is a faster-digesting protein to promote lean muscle growth and repair right after a hard workout. Next, we have milk protein isolate that provides sustained amino acid levels due to its slower digestion in the stomach. The third part of the tri-source formula is micellar casein. This protein type is also slowly digested and has been shown to keeping elevated amino acid levels for 7 hours. These three sources combined maximize muscle growth and recovery and do it effectively by combining a quick digesting protein with slower digested ones. MyShake contains no plant proteins, low-quality caseinates, gluten, fillers, corn syrup, or added sugars. MyShake isn't just another protein because it also contains MCTs for fueling performance and it also contains CLA for strengthing healthy body composition. Don't worry we didn't forget about flavor. MyShake comes in 4 unique great tasting flavors that make it feel like your on a cheat day.  

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