I-Focus 60ct.

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Pro Supps I-Focus | High Powered Focus

It’s 6 a.m…..the sound of your alarm clock unharmoniously blends with the thousands of thoughts that are racing through your mind. Your inhumane boss, work projects, dinner plans, mid-terms, the competition you swear you are going to do in eight weeks, kids….you need SOMETHING to help you control the chaos while you play the role of Superhuman to the people that depend on you. What are you going to do TODAY to make this day different than any other? ProSupps’™ I-FOCUS™ is your answer. The first product of its kind, ProSupps’™ I-FOCUS™ combines over 26 unique ingredients to bring you to perfect mental harmony and balance. The clutter becomes organized, the haze of the day suddenly becomes clear, and you become the envy of your co-workers and friends when they witness you running your daily life as if you had a large Cruise Control button on your forehead.+Don’t let another day fall into disarray….reach for ProSupps™ I-FOCUS™.

  • Support Cognitive Function +
  • Enhances Mental Clarity +
  • Elevates Mood & Mental Focus +
  • Controls Occasional Nervousness +

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