Black Ops

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Platinum Labs Black Ops 30serv.

Platinum Labs Black Ops is a brand new, next generation non-stimulant focus and pump product! Black Ops will transform your workout experience with proven muscle engorging ingredients developed for high performance athletes! This blend is highlighted by the following high quality ingredients:
- AGmass™ (agmatine sulfate) is a completely natural and pure agmatine source that boosts strength levels and increases recovery while increasing blood flow to the muscles.
- Nitrosigine™ is a trademarked and unique arginine silicate that grealty boosts nitric oxide levels in the blood for intense pumps.
- Hydromax® is the first ever stable powdered Glycerate. Glycerate allows extra water into the blood stream which delivers ultra hydration to the muscles.

Experience the workout of a lifetime and get pumped with Black Ops from Platinum Labs!!

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