PEScience Alphamine

Athletes know better than to chug a sugary energy drink, or a fat-loaded latte. That's why they reach for Alphamine, the energy powder designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination of caffeine and theanine gives users a nice smooth and alert energy for hours.
With the added combination of choline and LCLT, Alphamine goes beyond just an energy and focus drink; It is a quick hitting thermogenic.
Available in many different flavors for any mood: Cotton Candy or Raspberry Lemonade stack great with High Volume. Sunrise is perfect for starting your day. Iced Tea to sip on all day long. Or Appletini and Fruit Punch when you need that to fill that fruit craving.

  • Thermogenic Igniting Technology
  • The Athlete's Energy
  • Amazing Taste!

Nutrition Info