Serum - Nitric Oxide Amplifier


Outbreak Nutrition Serum™ | Nitric Oxide Amplifier

The post-apocalyptic world needs Outbreak Serum; a highly-potent, nitric oxide amplification and muscle volumizing agent that should be consumed 30 minutes before strenuous activity or when superhuman strength is required. When a non-stimulant boost is needed, use Outbreak Serum on its own, or stack it with VIRUS™ for an extra intense nitric boost that will have you performing and surviving at peak levels. Underlining Serum’s performance are a combination of compounds that offer multiple pathways of muscle hydration alongside nitric oxide boosting benefits, but the key performer is a myostatin-reducing ingredient called epicatechin. Myostatin is a protein signal molecule that contributes to the breakdown of muscle and epicatechin has been proven to reduce these levels. The result? Less muscle wastage and more ass-kicking.


Highlights of Outbreak Nutrition Serum™:

  • Intense Pumps
  • Promotes Endurance Levels
  • Helps with Flow of Nutrients
  • Increased Performance

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