Omega Gains

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Omega Supreme Omega Gains Mass

Omega Supreme Omega Gains

Mike Rashid and Big Rob are bringing you the cleanest lean mass gainer ever created! Omega Gains was formulated to help you get big, REAL BIG, while maintaining the lean look the ladies love. Omega Gains utilizes the new Carb10 that has a very minor effect on insulin levels. This helps prevent fat storage along with fueling during and recovering from the most grueling training sessions. Omega Gains uses the highest quality fatty acids and the most optimal protein blend available. What about veggies? We've got you there! Omega Gains has the equivalent of over five servings of vegetables in every scoop. With a real milkshake taste it will be easy to feed your gains.

Omega Supreme Mike Rashid Big Rob
Omega Supreme Omega Gains 5lb.
Rating : 5/5

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