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Olympus Labs Endur3 | Complete Intra-Workout BCAA & Hydration Formula

 Olympus Labs has brought the industry arguably the most complete Intra-Workout formula.  You get everything packed in to one product to enhance your muscle recovery, hydration, and endurance.  When you need that little something extra to get through a grueling workout, Endru3 will be there to see you through.

Ingredient Highlights:

InstAminos™ BCAAs: BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) play an integral role in muscle protein synthesis (MPS).  MPS is key so your body doesn't go in to a catabolic state. Skeletal muscle can be broken down during catabolism, so it's important to fuel your body with plenty of BCAAs. 

Velositol®: Velositol® is a patented amylopectin chromium complex. Initial research shows that the combination of 2g of Velositol® with BCAAs increased muscle protein synthesis by up to 25% versus using BCAAs alone.

L-Glutamine: Glutamine is vital in the metabolism of major nutrients.  Raising glutamine levels may prevent fatigue during exercise.

Taurine: Taurine most positive benefit to be taken intraworkout is its ability to reduce muscle cramping and soreness.

VitaCherry® Tart Cherry:  Tart cherries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any known food. Recent studies have found Montmorency tart cherries to be beneficial in reducing post-exercise muscle and joint pain.

Maximum Hydration Matrix: Everything your body needs to keep your muscles functioning at peak performance during exercise.  And it's better than chugging sugary Gatorade.  400mg of Potassium Citrate, 250mg of Sodium Citrate, 250mg of Calcium Phosphate and 80mg of Magnesium Aspartate.

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