Mission 1 Bars

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Muscletech Mission 1 Bars

Mission 1 Bars are Muscletech's new and exciting product to enter the protein bar category. A great tasting alternative to protein shakes, the Mission 1 bars are made with 100% protein isolates, no sugar alcohols, zero artificial colors/flavors, and are gluten-free. With a protein to fiber ratio of 20-21g to 17-20g, Mission 1 bars are sure to meet your nutritional needs with the guilty pleasure flavor profile. Available in Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Brownie.

Introducing the Mission1 Bar

Hard-training athletes aren’t just looking for a bar that packs the most protein. They want clean nutrition that delivers incredible taste. That’s why Mission1 features superior ingredients for a clean protein bar with amazing flavor!

The Better Protein Bar

MuscleTech researchers have formulated a better protein bar that delivers superior ingredients and a decadent taste you will love. These best-in-class formulas deliver 17g to 20g of fiber, only 5g or less of net carbs and contain no artificial flavors or colors, no inferior protein sources like collagen or gelatin, and zero rice syrup.

No Artificial Flavors

With Mission1 Clean Protein Bars, you get premium protein power from 100% milk-derived isolate proteins, plus clean carbs that deliver energy without the crash. With just 210 calories and zero fillers, it’s premium nutrition that athletes want. Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are sweetened with stevia and deliver just 1g of sugar in every decadent flavor, so you can feel good about choosing Mission1 to fuel all of your life’s daily missions!

Muscletech Mission 1 Bars

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