Adrenaline Drive

by MHP
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MHP Adrenaline Drive

If your looking for a spark of instant energy that lasts for hours then MHP's Adrenaline Drive is what you are looking for. Adrenaline Drive's Energy Matrix consists of 150mg of caffeine, 43mg Mucuna seed extract, 25mcg Huperzine A, and a Menthol Flavor System. The 150mg of caffeine will make sure that you are energized and ready to take on any workout. Mucuna seed extract is filled with L-dopa the precursor to dopamine which is known in supporting mood and motivation. Huperzine A has lots of key effects such as supporting learning, memory, blood flow, and muscle contractions. Menthol is a compound of plant origin that has recently been shown to aid exercise performance; particularly in hot humid environments. Menthol supports a sensation of coolness when applied to the mucosal (mouth) surface stimulating the cold receptors, allowing athletes to feel cooler while training while also supporting breathing, arousal, and even analgesic properties. Making it an ideal choice before exercise; particularly, in the summer. Adrenaline drive is also sugar-free. If you're looking for the latest and greatest energy experience, Adrenaline Drive is perfect for you.

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