Nuclear X

by Met-Rx
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Dynamic pre-workout supplement. Scientifically formulated super charged with agamatine. DMAA + Dendrobium Free. One scoop will help increase your body temperature to get you pumped and ready for exercise. Creatine HCl Next generation creatine formulated in a concentrated serving of 1 gram per scoop. Beta-Alanine Make every workout your best workout. Beta-Alanine, at these levels, helps boost workout performance when grinding out rep after rep in the weight room. Combine our next generation Creatine HCl plus Beta-Alanine to form a dynamic combination. The "tingles" you get from Beta-Alanine let you know it's GO TIME. Agmatine One of the hottest new pre-workout ingredients to hit the market. Agmatine is closely related to L-Arginine as it is naturally produced in the body during arginine metabolism. Loaded with 400 mg caffeine per two scoops, Nuclear X will get you fired up for every workout. Our scientifically formulated pre-workout powder will help you achieve your potential every time.

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