MAN Sports Metal Shaker

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MAN Sports Metal Shaker | Full Proof Shaker Cup

The all NEW “Shots Fired” metal shaker is not your standard plastic, leaky shaker cup. This thing is solid. It holds 25oz of liquid, has a rubber seal & built in grate to mix ANYTHING! Drop in your favorite MAN Sports powder or any of your favorite supplements, add your beverage of choice and you're ready to go. Absolutely no leaks and you can sip your BCAA's while repping MAN Sports in the gym or wherever you go! Stop wasting your time with faulty and cheap shakers that only last one or two mixes and get your hands on this affordable and effective metal shaker.

Highlights of The MAN Sports Metal Shaker:

  • Holds 25oz of Liquid
  • Includes Rubber Seal
  • Impressive Mixability
  • Leak Resistant
  • Built in Grate for Mixing
  • Made of Metal

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