LG Sciences Epic

Following the success of our liquid EPIC, we present to you the EPIC preworkout concentrate. This unique formula will give you amazing focus and endurance in the gym. Test users are quoted as saying “the best preworkout I’ve ever used” and “incredible focus”.

This preworkout is so potent we know you will push past every personal record while using it. It contains a healthy dose of creatine monohydrate, targeted amino acids and stimulants that will give you intense focus and energy in the gym.
LG Sciences uses real Dendrobium (not the spiked stuff) to give an extra boost of endurance. Real dendrobium is a well studied herbal that will help with endurance. This herbal ingredient you can actually notice the difference from the first dose.
We made EPIC taste amazing, so you won’t mind drinking it every day before your workouts. LG Sciences understands that no matter how good a preworkout formula is, without it tasting good, no one will want to drink it daily. We promise that this is one preworkout that you will enjoy taking daily.

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