Justine's Protein Brownie


Justine's Protein Brownie | Healthy Made Even Healthier

Justine's Protein Brownie is the latest innovation in healthy alternatives for delicious snacks! At Justine's, quality ingredients and the healthiest options are the main importance. The all new protein brownies are perfectly made to fit your healthy lifestyle and keeping your macronutrients in check without worrying about too many calories. Unlike many other companies, Justine's has perfected the protein brownie and has given it the perfect texture and amazing taste you will forever love.

Highlights of Justine's Protein Brownie:

  • No Added Sugar
  • 4 Star Health Rating
  • High Protein
  • Ultra Low Carb
  • Gluten And Wheat Free
  • High In Fiber And Calcium
  • New Zealand Made

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