NAD(3), 3 Pack Combo

by HPN
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HPN NAD(3) | NAD+ Booster

Since 2013, HPN has been the leader in the NAD+ boosting category. Their very first NAD+ booster, NR, pioneered awareness for the benefits that can be achieved when NAD+ levels are boosted. Continued research over the last 5 years and the satisfaction of countless N(r) users have left HPN with little doubt that boosting NAD+ levels can bring numerous health benefits. These benefits include better memory, better focus, better sleep, increased energy, and faster metabolism.

The people at HPN didn't just stop when they knew they had something great on their hands. They continued to strive for improvement and innovation. Through Clinical Research, both in-house and hand-in-hand with prestigious institutions like Auburn University, they have uncovered the next evolution in NAD+ boosting, and it's called NAD3!

NAD3 will boost NAD+ levels, just like before, but it addresses 3 other main factors of cellular health: Sirtuin Activation, Telomere Protection, and Cellular Inflammation Control.





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