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Pre-Mium | Granite

 Are you energized and ready to train hard? After a long day's work or the carry over from the previous days' workouts will not have you mental primed and ready to grind. That's where Granite's Pre-Mium comes in for the save. Pre-Mium has a three piece approach in preparing you for intense training. 

1. L-Citrulline for a Great Pump

Containing 6g of L-Citrulline to get you an amazing pump. Also opens up blood vessels to allow more blood into active muscle, while improving exercise performance. Potential to reduce soreness and aid recovery!

2. Performance Blend 

Packed with creatine monohydrate to increase muscle and strength gains, and is intrinsically anabolic. Also includes Beta-Alanine to fill your muscles' carnosine tanks and gives you a stronger kick towards the finish. Along with Betaine that also contributes toward more muscle growth. 

3. Cognitive Blend

Loaded with 500mg of a 4:1 Lion's Mane extract for its nootropic effects such as alertness while awake and restful sleep vital for recovery. Stacked with three purine alkaloids to ensure mental focus. Theacrine(100mg) improves mood, focus, and motivation to exercise. Caffeine(250mg) to get you up and going. Theobromine(60mg) is another mood booster but also has a counteractive affect against caffeine's hypertensive(blood pressure elevating) effect. On top of all that Pre-Mium also has L-Tyrosine to further improve cognitive performance. 

Disclaimer: Responses to alkaloid stimulants are variable. L-Tyrosine may interact with certain drugs (such as MAOIs, Levodopa and thyroid medications).

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