Intra Carb

by Granite
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Intra Carb | Granite

Granite's Intra Carb is a great tasting, convenient, versatile blend containing three different carbohydrate sources engineered to create a rapid but sustained elevation of blood glucose. Use Granite's Recovery to make a great 1 2 punch to boost your carb intake.  

Intra Carb also contains 10 grams of Cyclic Dextrin to improve performance and maintain higher glycogen levels during exercise, giving you a head start on recovering for your next workout. To confirm crash-free elevation of blood glucose during your workout Intra Carb includes 5 grams of Palatinose that maintains a steady rise of blood glucose.

A simple, but powerful formula! Intra-Carb combines the rapid actions of Dextrose with the smooth and sustained entry of glucose from of Cyclic Dextrin¬ģ and Palatinose¬ģ, respectively, to give you the benefits and versatility of both slow and fast carbohydrates, all in one product.

Highlights of Granite's Intra Carb:

  • 10 grams of Cyclic Dextrin
  • Crash-free elevation of blood glucose¬†
  • Slow and Fast carbohydrates
  • Great tasting flavors

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