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  GAT Sport | Adenoflex

Introducing GAT sport's Adenoflex, with its new and improved post-workout formula including agmatine sulfate. Hematogenic and Mass Enhancing Powder. Stimulates blood flow for boosted muscle mass, volume, and fullness. Adenoflex is designed to promote greater exercise-induced lean muscle mass and strength gains with long-lasting post-training pumps. Making it the perfect supplement for muscle-builders and those powering through intense training. 

Key Ingredients of Adenoflex:

  • Creapure Creatine Monohydrate(5g) supports muscle energy, size, and strength
  • Agmatine(500mg) boosts post-workout muscle volumization and pumps
  • Betaine(1.25g) increases protein synthesis
  • NordicCherry Tart Extract to help resist muscle and joint soreness

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