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Gaspari Nova-X® | Advanced Testosterone Booster

It's become increasingly more difficult to find a natural way to boost your testosterone and do it effectively. Usually you end up with little to no results for your hard earned money. Nova-X® is here to change that. With key ingredients Androsterone and Mucuna Pruriens Extract to not only raise testosterone and HGH levels, Nova-X® also helps control estrogen at the same time. The thing that really separates Nova-X® is it's 2-stage delivery system. First, the enteric coated capsule stops the pill from being eliminated in the stomach. This enables it to move through the intestines to be dissolved and absorbed. Then LipoAbsorb™, the most advanced liposomal delivery technology in existence comes into play. In the past, hormonal products would rapidly breakdown in the liver which resulted in terrible bioavailability. Now with LipoAbsorb™ the active components are protected by microscopic bubbles called Liposomes. These Liposomes are constructed of Phospholipids. Since this is the same material that your cells are made of, it allows the active components to pass through the cell membranes, fully intact and ready to go to work. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today.

Product Highlights of Gaspari Nova-X:

  • Unique 2-Stage Delivery System
  • Helps Build Muscle and Lose Weight
  • Aromatase Inhibitor
  • Safely Raise HGH and Testosterone Levels

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