Knee Wraps

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GASP Knee Wraps

GASP Knee Wraps are tight and durable knee wraps with a good rebound effect. They are made out of a flexible and strong mix of cotton and rubber, have a standard length of 2 meters and feature clean cut edges. They are made without Velcro, so you can wrap them as tight as you need to get the effect that you want. GASP Knee Wraps come in a size of 2 meters (78") and are made from a durable 80% cotton and 20% rubber.

Highlights of GASP Knee Wraps:

  • Strong and flexible knee wraps
  • 4-yellow line
  • No Velcro ‚Äď wrap as tight as you like!
  • For lots of power, wrap to total tightness
  • Sold in pairs

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