Branch Warren 18'' Wrist Wraps

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GASP Branch Warren Wrist Wraps

The GASP Branch Warren Wrist Wraps are co-designed with GASP athlete and IFBB Pro Branch Warren, the signature Branch 18" Wrist Wraps are designed for hardcore powerlifters and gym goers. They are created with a premium 4-line elastic that offer strong support without limiting wrist mobility. The strong Velcro fastening gives a secure fit even during your heaviest lifts.

Highlights of Branch Warren Wrist Wraps:

  • Premium 4-line elastic – great support without limiting wrist mobility
  • Suitable for your heaviest lifts, even your 1RMs
  • Secure, easy to use Velcro fastening
  • Strong thumb loop for quick fastening
  • "GASP Branch Train Insane" branding

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