Agmatine 30g

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Ethitech Agmatine | Support Muscle Pumps

We have heard it all in the pump game. First was Arginine, which was promoted as a "Hemodilator" and "Vasodilator" and it HIT HARD and essentially started the preworkout category. We than found out through studies that it was all placebo and for Arginine to elicit any beneficial PUMP ACTION, it had to be dosed at ABOVE 10 grams preworkout and that could lead to stomach issues and also was impractical and well above what most companies put into their products.

Then came Citrulline Malate, and while more effective than Arginine, was underdosed in most products and also left room for improvement.

Now we have a king, Agmatine. Agmatine is a byproduct of Arginine and at a much SMALLER dose of as low as 500mg you can elicit some great benefits, from pumps, to acting as a neurotransmitter (mental acuity), to removing metabolic waste. It does SO MUCH!

If your preworkout is something like MTS Nutrition CLASH, it already has 1.5g of Agmatine in it. But even then, adding a second dose post workout can be very beneficial. And if your PreWorkout does not have Agmatine in it, make it complete and add some EthiTech Nutrition Agmatine to it!

For the ULTIMATE PUMP add 1.5 grams of Ethitech Nutrition Agmatine to your preworkout mix. You will thank us after you take your selfie post workout with that epic pump!

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