Lean Fix

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EFX Sports Lean Fix | Performance Thermogenic

Lean Fix™ was scientifically formulated to handle all three of these critical jobs at once. Each ingredient was specifically chosen because of its ability to address one, two or even all three of these issues. It’s a combination of thermogenic and sugar-regulating agents, plus all-natural diuretics in one complete package. In the end, the Lean Fix™ formula works synergistically to aid your quest for the most chiseled, rock-hard abs ever! Best of all, there are absolutely NO banned-banned substances in Lean Fix™! When you use Lean Fix™, it’s actually more about what you DON’T notice than what you do… at least in the beginning. Unlike other ‘fat burners’ on the market, this formula won’t give you a crazy, ‘cracked-out’ feeling.
Instead, your energy levels are steady and clean. You feel great. You feel alert. You’re ready to face the fat-crushing battle with confidence like you’ve never had before.
Later, it’s what you DO notice in the mirror that’ll put a smile on your face… and all eyes on your body!

Highlights of EFX Sports Lean Fix:

  • 3-Pronged Attack: Body Fat, Unwanted Water-Retention, Blood-Sugar
  • Simple, Convenient Dosing
  • Intense Thermogenic Properties
  • Jumpstarts Energy
  • Gently Shed Excess Water
  • Tested Banned-Substance Free & Pure

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