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Dymatize M.P.S | Support Recovery and Build Muscle

Dymatize M•P•S is designed to accelerate your fitness gains by both triggering muscle protein synthesis (anabolism) and minimizing muscle protein breakdown in response to training (catabolism) for faster recovery. Studies suggest that at super physiological doses, L-Leucine is able to help lower protein breakdown.* Upon further investigation, it appears that it is not L-Leucine, but rather its metabolites (products made from L-Leucine) that actually are anti-catabolic. Therefore, to solve the other side of this anabolic equation, we have added the L-Leucine metabolites HICA and KIC. Research suggests that HICA helps to inhibit multiple anti-catabolic enzymes, and can alleviate soreness, support lean body mass, and help speed recovery from exercise.* KIC also helps lower anti-catabolic pathways, and can act to spare L-Leucine – thereby, lowering protein breakdown, and supporting protein synthesis and muscle growth. This synergistic combination will help make the proteins that you synthesize, stay for good!

Highlights of Dymatize M.P.S:

  • 7g of instantly soluble BCAAs
  • HICA and KIC (Leucine metabolites)
  • 2.4g of whey protein isolate

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