Chemical Four


Chaos and Pain Chemical Four | Mass Accelerator

Do you like being Huge? To be huge, you need to have the right anabolic/ androgenic ratio. If a compound it too far on the anabolic side of the scale, your gains will be smaller, with minimal side effects. If a compound is too far on the androgenic side, you gain all types of mass, but with more side effects. If you want to maximize your gains, you need a product to help you gain the perfect anabolic/ androgenic ratio necessary for pounds of muscle growth. Hello 4-DHEA!! We here at Chaos and Pain got our hands on some of the highest quality and best absorbing 4-DHEA in the industry, and decided to throw it in a formula designed to help you destroy your t-shirts, and leave your spotters speechless as you effortlessly destroy the weights. You are welcome.

Highlights of Chaos and Pain Chemical Four:

  • Increased Muscle Growth*
  • Supports Lean Mass Gains*
  • Improved Strength Gains*
  • 4-DHEA Based
  • Can Be Stacked with Other Products
  • Increased Training Performance*

Nutrition Info