N.O. Xplode RTD

by BSN
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BSN N.O. Xplode® RTD | Xtreme Energy

N.O.-XPLODE® RTD (Ready-to-Drink) is a performance & energy igniter that helps deliver a powerful dose of energy, endurance, focus and pumps. Born from the DNA of the legendary N.O.-XPLODE® powder, this RTD goes far beyond your standard energy drink. Each 8.5oz bottle delivers 200 mg of caffeine, 3 grams of L-Citrulline Malate and 1.5 grams of Beta-Alanine in just 10 calories and with zero grams of sugar. The N.O.-XPLODE® RTD is a convenient and portable way to ignite any type of workout or athletic performance.

Highlights of BSN N.O. Xplode RTD:

  • Energy & Endurance
  • Focus
  • Increased Pumps
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery

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