1MR Vortex

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BPI 1MR Vortex

BPI is one of the most well known supplement companies today with a huge line of popular products including RoxyLean, A-HD and RX6 to name a few. Another of their more popular supplements is their concentrated pre-workout 1MR.
After a reformulation late in 2012 thanks to the demise of DMAA, 1MR was still an effective supplement, but perhaps not what users were used to pre-reformulation. With that in mind, BPI has been hard at work and has conducted some serious research and development for their flagship pre-workout resulting in the release of 1MR Vortex.
BPI 1MR Vortex Highlights
  • Potent new concentrated formulation
  • A range of stimulant, pump, cognitive and endurance ingredients for a well rounded pre-workout
The newest evolution of pre-workouts formulated to enhance and intensify the quality of your workouts.

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