BIG Stress Grenade

by BIG

BIG Stress Grenade | BIG Infantry Accessories

Stressed out about everyday life? The all-new BIG Grenade let's you focus on stress relief and gives you something to do during a boring day at work. The BIG Grenade comes in a standard camo print and is malleable and perfect for squishing as it returns to it's normal shape and size. This specific stress ball is the perfect gift for everyone and comes printed with the BIG logo for added representation. Check out more accessories, apparel and BIG products via the brand page and explore today.

Highlights of The BIG Stress Grenade:

  • Malleable Consistency
  • BIG Branded
  • Stress Relief
  • Makes for a Great Gift
  • Camo Pattern Design
  • They may present a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age

Nutrition Info