Paleo Bars

by BHU Fit
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BHU Fit Paleo Bars | High Protein Gluten-Free Bars

BHU Fit Paleo Bars are the delicious and non-gluten containing protein bars that pack amazing taste and flavor into a nutritious bar that can be eaten at any time and is perfect for anyone. Rich chocolaty taste—check. Sweet but not too sweet—check. Filling like a decadent, fudgy brownie but without the calories, sugars or carbs! Best of all, its Paleo - loaded with protein packed egg whites minus any grains, dairy, or legumes.

Highlights of BHU Fit Paleo Bars:

  • 14g of Protein
  • 10g of Fiber
  • 1g of Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Contains Egg White Protein

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