The Beef Standard 56 Servings

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Betancourt Nutrition The Beef Standard | Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate

The Beef Standard is what its name implies; it is the new standard in Beef Protein supplementation. In a market where claims for beef protein products will be similar, the question will be: what is the difference in quality between one beef protein vs the next? Betancourt Nutrition manufacture‚Äôs its products in NSF certified cGMP facilities and sources its beef protein isolate from fresh beef raw material in a USDA inspected facility. Betancourt Nutrition uses trademarked BeefISO‚ĄĘ to ensure the quality and accountability of its protein source.

Highlights of Betancourt Nutrition The Beef Standard:

  • Contains NO Gelatin
  • Rich in Peptides & Growth Factors
  • Uses SuperSerum‚ĄĘ
  • High Quality Beef Protein Isolate

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