Beast Re-Animate

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Beast Re-Animate | Refuel The Beast

Rre-animate™ is focused on recovery. Utilizing the advanced low glycemic carbohydrate PrimoCarb™, Re-Animate™is an advanced post-workout matrix that restores glycogen for rapid muscle recovery. The addition of hydrolyzed protein and aminos, is designed to promote rapid musclerepair. Rounding out the recovery mix are insuinogenic co-factors and a blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
Re-Animate™’s key component, PrimoCarb™, is a legume based starch derivedfrom pisum sativum(peas). This cutting-edge, low glycemic carb supports a more effective post-workout recovery. Along with PrimoCarb™, three other carbohydrate forms help replenish glycogen to enhance the body’s energy reserves.
Rapid muscle repair is a key element of recovery. Re-Animate™ uses hydrolyzed whey and aminos as the process of hydrolyzation promotes more rapid and complete protein absorption.
Re-Animate™ also contains insulinogenic co-factors including alpha-lipoic acid,r-alpha lipoic acid & Cinnulin which help to rapidly shuttle nutrients to muscle tissue to promote growth.

Highlights of Re-Animate:

  • Restore Glycogen Levels
  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery
  • Packed With Vitamins & Minerals

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