Lean FX 84 Caps

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Athletic Xtreme Lean FX | Fat Eliminator

Lean-FX™, Anabolic Xtreme’s 3rd Generation Leaning Agent, is a thyroid supporting, and cognitive elevating formula ever designed to give men and women the edge in achieving superior body re-composition. Scientifically engineered and infused with Nano-Release Technology™, Lean-FX™ is a fast acting fat loss accelerator to overcome regulating barriers while preserving hard-earned lean muscle mass, increasing lean muscle accumulation, and rapidly infusing the mind with a profound sense of wakefulness and clarity. No other formula enhances the metabolism for superior body re-composition like Lean-FX™. Redefine your body and mind and finally achieve your goals with Lean-FX™, available exclusively from Anabolic Xtreme!

Technology Is The Driving Force Behind All Things Successful

The rate of absorption is everything when it comes to generating the most effective means of body recomposition and mood enhancement. Lean-FX™ is a leaning agent that incorporates a cutting-edge technology - Nano-Release Technology™. By harnessing the power of Nano-Release Technology™, an extremely precise portion of the ingredients are ground and blasted into tiny nano particles, and are then strategically arranged into multiple time-release layers for superior absorption. If the ingredients are not properly absorbed muscle mass will be lost, and ultimately, more body fat will be gained.

Adding to the technological advancements of the Lean-FX™ formula is the inclusion of Aneurin DBE™. Whether you're at work, out in the field, or in the gym, having a sharp mind always produces sharp results. The infusion of Aneurin DBE™ into the Lean-FX™ formula is for one purpose and one purpose only: to ignite a neurological cascade of psychoactive signals that instills the mind with a profound sense of wakefulness and alertness, heightened focus, decreased anxiety, and an amazing "feel good" feeling! The secret behind Aneurin DBE™ is a powerful new analog of Vitamin B1. This is NOT the same Vitamin B1 you find in your multivitamins. Oh no, make no mistake! Aneurin DBE™ is the perfect synergist to counteract the negative effects on human cognitive performance

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