Athletes Joint Restore 56 Caps

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Athletes Joint Restore by Athletic Xtreme

Formulated For Athletes
Athletes put more stress on their joints and demand more than the average person with joint pain. Athletes Joint Restore ensures a plentiful supply of the materials required for joint repair, with the added bonus of naturally-derived anti-inflammatory compounds to minimize workout interruptions.
More effective than Glucosamine + Chondoitin

In a recent randomized, double-blind, clinical study UC-II was shown to be more than twice as effective as Glucosamine + Chondroitin. In addition to UC-II, Athletes Joint Restore contains three other clinically studied ingredients shown to repair connective tissue and reduce joint related pain.
Repairs and Builds Connective Tissue

Just like muscle, joint components undergo damage and inflammation during a workout causing pain and limiting workouts. These joint components require the necessary materials to facilitate repair. Athletes Joint Restore can help to rebuild the connective joint tissue that is causing pain, while working as an anti-inflammatory to allow the joint tissue to heal faster.

Strengthen Connective Tissue to Prevent Future Injuries

Muscle strength improves at a much greater rate than tendon strength, while several supplements target enhanced muscle growth and associated gains in strength, few provide the materials for the tendons to keep up. Use Athletes Joint Restore as you would protein during high growth phases to build stronger connective tissue and prevent the onset of joint pain and injury.

What to Expect

Our internal product studies have shown that most athletes feel reduced pain within 9 days and feel almost no pain within 4 weeks. Men and women athletes who are experiencing joint pain or want a safe daily supplement to maintain healthy connective joint tissue will benefit from Athletes Joint Restore. Current users of the most popular combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin that still experience limitations in their workouts and movement may benefit from the more effective ingredients found in Athletes Joint Restore.

The Science

Athletes Joint Restore is a multi-pronged weapon to restore and build joint tissue with effective 100% natural ingredients. Eggshell membrane, predominantly constituted of type I collagen, and undenatured collagen II are vital constituents for the repair of cartilage. Cats Claw scavenges harmful free-radicals and prevent production of the pro-inflammatory protein to reduce swelling to facilitate tissue repair. And finally, a massive, and clinically studied does of Vitamin D3, which is required for healthy bone growth and repair, has shown significant pain-related benefits in recent open-label clinical trials and may increase athletic performance and reduce muscle injuries in Vitamin D3 deficient athletes.

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