5% Nutrition Kill It Pre-Workout

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5% Nutrition Kill It | Love it. Kill It.

Time to take those 8 hour arm workouts to the next level and what better way to crush all you love in the gym than grabbing a scoop of this pre-workout powerhouse. If you love your workout then you need to kill your workout, right babe? 5% Nutrition Kill It Pre-Workout is packed with skin splitting pump, pitbull focus intensity and absolute insane energy ingredients to form one of the most powerhouse pre-workouts in this industry. Kill It consists of a performance enhancing complex of Agmatine Sulfate for insane pumps, beta alanine and 3 creatine sources for strength and endurance not to mention the hydrating electrolytes your body needs to stay at peak performance levels.

Highlights of 5% Nutrition Kill It:

  • Pitbull Focus Intensity
  • Dependable Muscle Resilience
  • 1st Class Nitric Oxide Boosters
  • Top Shelf Creatine Blend
  • What It Takes Energy


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