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Non Dairy and Vegetarian Protein Powder

For those with dietary restrictions, finding a way to incorporate more protein into your diet can be tricky. Though protein is mostly associated with meat and animal products, many plants offer the benefits of protein, as well as essential amino acids. Our plant based protein powders are perfect for vegetarians, low-carb dieters or athletes with milk allergies. Mix some into your water bottle or whip up a delicious breakfast shake to start your morning off with filling, natural protein.

Vegetarian Protein Powder

With a wide range of options, you will find protein powders made from a multitude of sources, including peas, rice and artichokes. The range of powders is easy to digest and does not cause stomach discomfort. If you’re looking for an alternative to whey protein and still want the benefits of a protein shake to help build lean muscle, try one of our protein supplements for vegetarians and feel the difference for yourself. Stock up on your favorite supplements and remember that all orders over $75 get a free gift with their purchase!

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