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Select Protein 1.9lbs

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PES Select Protein

Every day when I'm drinking my whey + casein proteinshake with the sole goal of gaining muscle or getting leaner I always smile atthe irony of my drink... We are consumers based on innovation and research. Weare always digging through the internet on a mission to find the NEW. We lookto the scientist for a new discovery to build muscle. Every day when you aredowning that 100% whey protein shake after a brutal workout, you thinkyou are really ahead of the curve... convinced it's the holy grail of protein. Thetruth is you are drinking in the past... sacrificing that time in the gym for outdatedscience.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that our whey + casein proteinshake is NEW cutting edge science that PES discovered. It's not. The researchis almost 10 years old! It's time to take the blinders off. The supplement industry is based aroundinnovation. Why are you still drinking in the past? If you’re a regular 100% whey proteinuser, read on, because there’s something you need to know. Ourinvestigation into the science should royally piss you off. I sure was… In ourquest to build muscle, protein intake is the single most important factor. WhenI say intake, I don't just mean amount...I mean the type of protein too.

When I asked our Director of Research & Development to dig up the researchon protein, the facts shocked me. Our R&D team didn't have to dive, dig,and spend an eternity finding the, the information was easilyfound on the government-owned science database known as PubMed. And it is soclear cut. There was no theory or interpretation. Reputable journals havealready tested the effects of different proteins in human subjects, and thedata could not be more conclusive. Yet for some reason it's been ignored.

All of these years I've been using 100% whey protein as mysole protein source, slamming a shake after my workout, in the morning, andeven between meals. Do I "just whey"? I certainly did and have doneso for years... and I consider myself ahead of the game. Boy was I wrong...Themedia tells me that whey builds muscle. And you know what? They're totallyright. Studies do show that whey alone builds muscle better than otherproteins. But if you look what they compare it to, the issue is clear: studiescompare whey to weak products like vegetable-based protein, sugary drinks, andeven just water. Of course whey is going to come out on top!

It wasn't until recently that scientists finally decided togive all these 100% whey products a run for their money. And the results wereabsolutely shocking. Nature had it right. When researchers at theworld-renowned Mayo Clinic tested a combination of whey + casein protein,as found naturally in milk protein, they discovered that the two proteinsources work together in a synergistic manner to build lean muscle. 100% wheyprotein in isolation only gets you so far... it can spike protein synthesiswith an influx of amino acids, but quickly returns to baseline, leaving youwhere you started.

Enter casein, a slower-digesting protein that's typically consumed for itsanti-catabolic properties as it promotes a steady release of amino acids overtime. Casein actually results in more retention of ingested protein thanwhey! In another published study, researchers found the combination of wheyprotein with casein protein resulted in a quick increase in proteinsynthesis along with a sustained elevation in plasma leucine levels [3].Plasma leucine levels are a key dictator of muscle protein synthesis, and thus,a combination of whey protein and casein protein may serve to maximize muscleprotein accumulation.

Whey protein hits the bloodstream at a fast rate, but it is casein protein thathas been shown to create the strongest leucine balance, possibly due to lessoxidative processes taking place [20]. It only makes sense to consume themtogether. Studies have repeatedly shown that milk may be the optimal postworkout drink due to the unique delivery and interplay of milk protein'scomponents: whey protein and casein protein, together. Whey protein provides asurge of amino acids to help lean muscle gain, while the casein componentsustains an anti-catabolic environment for hours to come [1].

In fact, the research shows that even if amino acid content of a protein isheld constant, milk protein augments lean muscle accrual to a greater degreethan fast-digesting hydrolyzed proteins due to the unique pattern of amino aciddelivery that only milk protein can provide [23]. Nature had it right allalong: milk protein is king. We already know that whey protein spikes muscleprotein synthesis while casein protein creates an anti-catabolic trickle ofamino acids, a complementary combination that should be taken at the sametime. But in addition to this, whey protein and casein protein each havetheir own unique bioactive subfractions and growth factors which work inconcert when they're taken together [2].

This is why I was so pissed when I saw the new research... we've beenshortchanging ourselves for years. I don't just want something better thanwhey... I want the best. The 2005 International Whey Conferenceconcluded that a 50/50 mixture of whey + casein is the optimal form of proteinfor gaining muscle mass [3]. That's right, even at a whey conference,the researchers found that 100% whey is not the answer. So if a synergisticwhey-casein protein blend is the optimal blend for building muscle, what do youthink PES SELECT ProteinTM brings you? That's right: The mosttargeted protein formula on the market.

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There are a few comments
There are a few comments I'd like to make about PES Select. It was a greatly anticipated purchase of mine, and I have been using it for about two or three weeks now. First off, the ingredient profile is one of the best I have ever seen on a blend. There are no fillers, no extra junk. That being said, this product tastes incredible for not having the extra stuff. I honestly believe the taste of Snickerdoodle is a little over hyped (I've had better tasting proteins for sure). However, it is still far from disappointing. Chocolate and Cookies & Cream are awesome too. As expected due to the lack of fillers, they can be a little grainy when using the recommended 6-8 oz water. I find that you need more than double that before you get completely rid of the grainy texture. Also, I find it very difficult to drink this with milk after a workout. If you decide this product is for you, I recommend drinking it with water only. I definitely recommend this protein based off of my experience so far. I'm sure I'll be ordering it again soon!
July 19, 2015
Great tasting protein
Very versatile and great tasting to boot.
February 15, 2014
I find it very sweet
I find it very sweet and don't care for it.,
September 1, 2015
great protein powder
great protein powder
October 30, 2014
All of the products I
All of the products I ordered were in perfect conditions and I received them within just a few days. Will definitely be ordering from here again! :)
March 27, 2015
PES Snicker doodle
Great whey and Casein blend, good flavour, good product for cooking
March 17, 2014
Best tasting protein! Tastes like
Best tasting protein! Tastes like Cinnabon!
November 30, 2014
Great taste- blends well
Snicker doodle tastes just like mom makes it! Good blend of Whey/ Caesine! Hardly can tastes the protein, so it's more like a dessert! Never left me feeling full or bloated and mixed really well! Highly recommended for anyone looking to add a valued supplement to their regimen.
February 20, 2014
Tigerfitness is great, I've ordered
Tigerfitness is great, I've ordered from about everywhere you can. Tiger out works them all.
September 11, 2014
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
Delivery Speed
4 / 5
Tasty universal powder
Taste pretty good. Mixes fairly well, leaves a little grainy texture. Wife really likes the taste, she says it's her favorite so far. Universal powder, can cook with it.
April 8, 2017
Age: 25-44
1 year ago
Fitness Goal:
Fat Loss
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