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Lifting Straps & Weightlifting Wrist Supports

Pulling movements, such as deadlifts and pull-ups, are effective for strengthening the muscles of the back, but wrists and hands are limiting factors for many athletes who practice these exercises. With weightlifting wrist supports from Tiger Fitness, weightlifters can perform the movements they want without fear of damage to the connective tissues and nerves of the hands or wrists. Leading products from Versa Gripps combine comfort with quality material to support faster progress by making it easier for athletes to concentrate on target muscles.

Wrist straps from Versa Gripps are designed to minimize the possibility of slippage and are strongly resistant to microbial growth like the leather weight lifting straps for example. Since Versa Gripps lifting straps are created with a focus on low bulkiness, they let users maintain a closer connection with the weights they lift.

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Powerlifting Straps & Weight Lifting Grips

For those of you that are into more intensive workouts, check out our selection of powerlifting straps and weight lifting grips. As you control weight to work out your larger muscle groups this means that you will be controlling larger weight. Make sure you donít injury yourself by letting these excessive weights get out of control. Tiger Fitness only offers straps and grips from top manufactures will help keep your workout safe so that you can focus on your goals.