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Glycine is a non-essential amino acid and neurotransmitter that plays both stimulatory and depressant roles in the brain. It is essential for numerous muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions, including the formation of collagen and gelatin in the body -- making it an effective supplement for people with achy joints.

Due to its role in both nerve and neurotransmitter functions, glycine also has been researched as a method for improving sleep, mental performance, behavior, memory and mood. In regards to sleep improvement, glycine works with several other amino acids, including taurine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), as an inhibitory (“downer”) neurotransmitter which helps you “calm” down and have an easier time falling asleep at night. To take advantage of glycine’s sedative qualities, it’s generally recommended to consume 3g of glycine roughly one hour before bed.

Glycine also helps break down and transport nutrients, like glycogen and fat, to be used by cells for energy. Because of this, glycine performs a vital role in supporting the nervous, immune, and digestive systems.
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