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The Immunity Stack is everything you need to ensure your immune system is operating at its peak, ensuring you stay as healthy as possible.

It all starts with MTS Nutrition Immortal. The cornerstone of this stack. Fully loaded with a vitamin and mineral blend, probiotic support, greens, liver detox, joint elixir, cardiovascular support, and salmon oil. Immortal sets the ground work for your health and physical support.

Vitamin C helps your immune system supporting the production of white blood cells. White blood cells help fight against infection. Vitamin C also helps protect these white blood cells from harmful free radicals that can cause damage and illness.

Vitamin D3 has been shown to help prevent and mitigate the risks of respiratory infections. It has also been linked to heart health and circulatory system support.

Quercetin is an Ionophore, meaning cells more permeable for other anti-viral supplements to enter the cell and prevent viral replication. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to control and eliminate harmful free radicals.

ZMA is a combination of Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, all of which help support the immune system in various ways. Zinc is an ionophore, which means it helps transports other vitamins and minerals into the cell walls, protecting them from infection. Magnesium helps to alleviate harmful inflammation and regulate blood pressure. It has been found to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Vitamin B6 is important to the immune system as it has been shown to support the biochemical reactions within it.

MTS Nutrition Machine Greens™ is the first of its kind offering not only the most complete health and wellness blend on the market, but a full offering of healthy all natural ingredient.

Machine Greens + Multi is the first ever health supplement to not only provide the equivalent of multiple servings of fruits and vegetables, but also provides a complete, high-end multi-vitamin all in one, convenient supplement! Machine Greens + Multi is the perfect supplement for those who do not get enough vegetables but want all the benefits they provide. Plus, when you add the SuperFruit Blend™ and Green Balance Blend, you no longer need your daily multivitamin — and that puts money right back in your pocket!

Machine Greens + Multi also contains the ProDura™ Blend, a potent probiotic for gut and overall health as well as supportive supplements like Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid to support organ and overall health.

Ambrosia Nektar™ contains scientifically validated ingredients in their studied dosages to address the parts of your body that truly matter. Your key internal organs: the liver, lungs, heart, and kidney; are often overlooked in favor of pursuing lower body fat, or more muscle. Now you no longer have to make that sacrifice with the introduction of Nektar. This formula uses a combination of 12 ingredients all in one product.

We worry about what we can see. Big biceps. chiseled chest, strong shoulders. But what about what you can’t see? The parts of your body that when not functioning optimally will hinder your results and performance. Liver, kidneys, blood pressure, blood sugar among other bodily functions are all rarely addressed by supplements.

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Sladana D.
United States United States
Great deal

Just in time for my whole family to recover from Covid. This pack came in couple of weeks before and pretty sure we would be suffering far more if we didn’t take vitamins. This is a great deal for how much you get, this would be at least several hundred of bought separate. Well worth the price.

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