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BlackStone Labs


BlackStone Labs GlycoLog | Nutrient Partitioning Agent BlackStone Labs GlycoLog is a partitioning agent that can help control glycogen and amino a...

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NuEthix GDA Max | Proven Glucose Disposal Agent Loaded with proven ingredients in therapeutic doses which may help partition nutrients more effec...

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Core Load

Core Nutritionals


We suggest that every other GDA bend the knee. Core LOAD has changed the meaning of “glucose-disposal agent” (GDA). While most GDAs on the market ...

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Enhanced Labs


Insulin is the primary hormone responsible for delivering amino acids and glucose into muscle cells, but it’s also the hormone that stimulates de n...

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Condemned Labz


HumaSlin is the ultimate carb-compliment for athletes looking to maximize their anabolic window, accelerate recovery, and limit fat gain. Improves...

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals


One of the greatest discoveries of the past ten years is the better understanding of carbs and how they relate to muscle growth. Not just any carb,...

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Xerion (GDA)



WHAT IS IT? Xerion is Glaxon’s novel approach at creating the ultimate Glucose Disposal Agent! Using the latest science and a laundry list of exclu...

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Glycodrin® Clinically dosed Transports carbs and nutrients into the muscle cells Stores Carbs and Fats for energy instead of converting to fat  He...

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Glucose Disposable Agents

Glucose Disposable Agents

What Are Glucose Disposable Agents?

Glucose Disposable Agents aid in driving the nutrients from your food into muscle cells and glycogen stores (the stored form of carbohydrates in the muscle). This aids immensely in your body's insulin response and glucose metabolism. Keeping your blood sugar low and your insulin sensitivity high, you control your inflammatory markers at a minimum. This leads to lower cortisol levels so you can recover faster between sessions and keep your immune system going strong.