Join Tiger Fitness at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival - Booth 737

Join Tiger Fitness at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival - Booth 737

Tiger Fitness is hitting the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival hard with an all-star iron game and fitness celebrity lineup. Make sure to stop by Booth 737 and meet:

Marc "The Machine" Lobliner - Tiger Fitness CMO, MTS Nutrition CEO and Youtube Sensation

Marc is Chief Marketing Officer of, as well as Owner/CEO of two of the fastest growing supplement companies, EthiTech Nutrition and MTS Nutrition.

Marc Lobliner is also Vice President of the American Natural Bodybuilding Federation; Partner in Hollywood Militia Training; President of "The Uprising Muscle Camps, a 501c non-profit organization and owns the clothing line Machine Training Gear. Alongside this, Marc is a professional bodybuilder.
Chris Jones

Physiques of Greatness YouTube Celebrity Chris "Beast Mode" Jones

Chris "Beast Mode" Jones is a YouTube celebrity, personal trainer and founder Of Physiques Of Greatness. His Youtube channel currently has over 713,000 subscribers.
KC Mitchell

KC Mitchell, aka "That 1 Leg Monster"

KC Mitchell, also know as the "that 1 leg monster", is a Blackstone Labs sponsored athlete who lost a leg in combat as an US Army Airborne Infantry solider.
Dom Steele

UFC Fighter Dom "Non-Stop Action-Packed" Steele

Dom "Non-Stop Action-Packed" Steele is a Tiger Fitness sponsored UFC fighter with a current record of 14-6. At 5'10" and 176lbs, Dom has 4 KO's and 3 submissions under his belt.
Sean Torbati

Sean "Rich Homie" Torbati - CEO of High Performance Nutrition

Sean is the CEO of High Performance Nutrition and a natural athlete. HPN is not about hype or misleading claims. Sean prides himself on offering supplements that have the best, highest and most potent ingredients.

Aracely Reno

Aracely Reno - Tiger Fitness CSR and Fiery Iron Goddess

Aracely Reno is a Tiger Fitness Customer Service Representative and a fiery iron goddess who might just warm up with your max.

Chad "Birdman" Burdett - Tiger Fitness Resident MASSematician

Tiger Fitness' own Chad "Birdman" Burdett is a powerbuilding stud with Herculean strength and the muscle mass to back it up. He lives and breathes the iron and it shows - even down to his Tiger Fitness tattoos.
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