Machine Carb10™ Fast Absorbing Carbohydrate

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MTS Nutrition Carb 10 Carbohydrate Supplement


Machine Carb 10™ is the optimal carbohydrate to use around training and can even be used throughout the day for sustained energy to fuel recovery and gains. Carb 10 is a unique carbohydrate derived from peas that is absorbed very fast due to its tremendously low osmolality but does NOT elicit a spike in insulin, allowing your body to refuel and rebuild without the dreaded hypoglycemic crash that accompanies most other carbohydrate sources on the market. Carb10 passes through the stomach quickly without GI distress. When it hits the small intestine, it’s a large molecule that takes the enzymes a while to break down. So, the flow of sugar (carb) into the blood is slower and there is almost no effect on blood sugar or insulin. With Machine Carb 10 you are able to reap the benefits of glycogen replenishment without some of the health risks associated with chronic insulin spikes.

For decades, bodybuilders and athletes alike have subscribed to the belief that rapid-digesting, insulin-spiking carbs such as dextrose and maltodextrin were crucial to replenish glycogen, accelerate recovery, and make gains. As it turns out, research shows that these blood sugar shocking carbs aren’t all that effective when it comes to boosting protein synthesis or preventing muscle breakdown.[1,2] All these athletes were left with was a tremendous energy crash from the infusion of quick carbs.

The search continued for the ultimate peri-workout carbohydrate that would sustain performance, replenish glycogen, and improve recovery. Enter Carb 10™.

Developed by Compound Solutions, Carb 10™ is a revolutionary carbohydrate derived from peas that is extremely fast-digesting, due to its low osmolality, but does NOT spike insulin.[3] This allows your body to begin the refueling and recovery process immediately without the miserable hypoglycemic crash that accompanies so many other “fast carbs” on the market.

Carb 10 will not cause GI distress or significantly impact blood sugar and insulin levels. All it will do is improve your performance, recovery, and lean gains.


1. Koopman R, Beelen M, Stellingwerff T, et al. Coingestion of carbohydrate with protein does not further augment postexercise muscle protein synthesis. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2007;293(3):E833-42. doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00135.2007.

2. Staples AW, Burd NA, West DWD, et al. Carbohydrate does not augment exercise-induced protein accretion versus protein alone. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011;43(7):1154-1161. doi:10.1249/MSS.0b013e31820751cb

3. Ziegenfuss, T.M., et. al. The effects of Carb10TM on serum osmolality, concentrations of glucose and insulin, and gastric emptying time: A pilot study. The Center for Applied Health Sciences

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United States United States
Gets the job done...

So, this was the first time I wasn’t fully satisfied with an MTS product. I’m somewhat new to carb powders, so after getting through my supply of unflavored Carb-O Plus by Universal, I figured I’d give Carb-10 by MTS a shot... When something says unflavored, I’m under the impression that product is truly UNFLAVORED; I was mistaken. This powder adds, in my opinion, an awful creamy/weirdly sweet flavor to whatever liquid you’re adding it to. I tried the recommended serving size with water, milk+protein, and my morning smoothie and would have rather drank liquid glue! (provided it gave me the nutrients I needed for daily maintenance, lol) Maybe I’m being a child about this or perhaps I was shipped a bad batch, but I ended up giving the rest of my tub to a friend. If you need quick carbs and don’t mind the creamy flavor, because this is NOT unflavored, this gets the job done! No, this experience did not scare me away from MTS! If the recipe gets modified, I’ll try it again.

Tiger Fitness Machine Carb10™ Fast Absorbing Carbohydrate Review
Andrew R.
United States United States
Great stuff!

This is a great way to hit your macros!

Karl P.
Carb 10 is great:call_me_hand::skin-tone-4::palm_tree:

When you add Carb 10 to your protein ice cream sandwich with just water, my son says that it taste great! It adds a creamier taste. The source of the product really helps my son with his energy , stamina, and performance. Want to be a Pro, you got to feed your body proper fuel

Michael J.
Carb 10

Great source of carbs for post workout. Does not leave my stomach feeling upset or bloated. Will continue to buy.

Jeremy A.

Mixes well with my post workout shakes! Recovery is way better!

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Warning Concerning California Residents: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.