Good vs Evil Stack (Dr. Jekyll & Hyde NitroX)

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Good vs Evil Stack | Dr. Jekkll & Mr. Hyde


What is it?

Dr. Jekyll: An advanced pump enhancing pre-workout that is strictly targeted to support maximum endurance and give you vein bursting pumps that will have you walking around the gym looking like an animal. Includes nitrosigine.

Mr. Hyde: Get excited for your workouts and pummel them into oblivion with an advanced energy based compound and the introduction of TeaCrine. Also contains a highly dosed pump formula. 


When to take?

Dr. Jekyll: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of Dr. Jekyll with 8 oz. of cold water. Consume 15 to 30 minutes before exercise. Do not consume more than 2 servings in a 24-hour period.

Mr. Hyde: Mix the recommended serving size with water in a shaker cup or other roughly 15-25 minutes before your workout.

Nutrition Info