High Protein Pancake Mix

by Met-Rx
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MET-Rx High Protein Pancake Mix | 12g of Protein Per Serving

Imagine this‚Ķ A plate full of fluffy buttermilk pancakes just for you, ready for you to devour them in minutes¬≠without the guilt of completely ruining your macros for the day! WHAT?! Too good to be true? No way! MET-Rx¬ģ Protein Pancake Mix is just what you have been dreaming about! Tasty buttermilk pancakes full of Metamyosyn¬ģ protein that you can eat for breakfast or anytime you're in the mood!

If you're like most fit and active people, you probably gave up on pancakes because they couldn't provide the levels of high protein. Now you can start your day on a positive note with high-protein pancakes from MET-Rx¬ģ. Light, fluffy with a great texture and aroma. MET-Rx¬ģ pancakes are good enough to eat straight off the griddle - no butter or syrup needed.

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